It seems like a simple question, but it is important to have some data to calculate when to order your baby's stroller.


It goes without saying that for all parents, the arrival of their baby is one of the most anticipated events, with as much happiness as impatience. They quickly begin to make mental plans and daydream. Despite all this, in a high percentage of cases, it is expected that the last month or month and a half will carry out all those plans. Why am I giving this information? Because at, a store for baby carriages and children's furniture, one of the questions they ask us the most is: "How long does it take for a baby carriage to arrive?" After our answer, the next sentence is: “I don't have that much time. My baby will be born in a month or earlier. "A month? Do I have to order the pram a month in advance? No, if possible, much sooner. Why?


To buy a baby pram there are two options:

1) Buy the baby pram in a physical store.In this case, two things can happen: Plan A would be that you arrive and have the great luck that you like one of the pram that they have in stock (generally there are not too many), something that happens in a relatively low percentage.If you are not so lucky, you would go to plan B: order the stroller you really like, in the color you like and with the accessories you want.Once the order is placed, you will have to wait between 15-30 days, depending on the manufacturer.But why so much?Well, manufacturers make strollers to order due to the large number of possible combinations in terms of color, fabrics, etc.So yes, they will have to make a stroller for you and your baby.

2)Buy  the baby stroller on-line.Many of the online stores operate out of stock, such as the hogartrend trend.The advantage is that they have a wide catalog with many photos, with many different models and prices.Therefore, it is easy to find something that suits your taste and budget.You've already found the one you like, and now ... what?Just like in a physical store, you order it and wait for it to arrive.How long will it take for your cart to arrive?Between 15 and 30 days, depending on the manufacturer, the same as in option


Does this mean that you must order your cart 5 weeks before the due  date? As I said at the beginning: NO. Note that a reasonable margin should be added to this period, because there are due dates that are delayed, but there are others that occur early. In addition, we have to account for possible delays in delivery that occasionally occur by transport companies and other unforeseen events (as happened at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic), which can cause delays in the supply of raw materials to manufacturers.

By now, you will have calculated the time and, more or less, you will have reached the same conclusion as me. Therefore, I recommend that you order the stroller for your baby as soon as you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, or earlier, thus avoiding additional stress during the last weeks of pregnancy.